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Kingdom Web Pros
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Understanding the Offer:
  • Premier Website Design: This voucher is your key to accessing our elite website design services with word-of-mouth benefits.
  • Referred by Mr. Ed Weaver: You've received this exclusive opportunity through Mr. Ed Weaver, as part of our community-focused referral program.
  • 20% Cash Back to Mr. Ed Weaver: When you purchase a website package comparable to Mr. Ed Weaver’s, he receives a 20% cash back reward. If all 5 vouchers are claimed (you plus 4 more), Mr. Ed will be essentially reimbursed for his website build costs. 
  • In turn: you'll gain 5 referral vouchers to initiate your own journey toward offsetting your new website costs as well.
  • Bonus Benefit: Once all 5 referral vouchers are used, Mr. Ed will enjoy a full year of hosting and maintenance on us!  The same offer will also be extended to your voucher program upon purchase of your new website.

Why Choose Kingdom Web Pros?
  • Uncompromised Quality: We’re committed to delivering exceptional web design and customer support.
  • Boost Your Digital Footprint: Our team is dedicated to crafting a website that perfectly fits your unique requirements.
  • Be Part of a Successful Network: Join a growing network of happy clients who’ve benefited from our digital expertise.
  • Customer-Focused Rewards: We prioritize rewarding our customers over external advertising, fostering a supportive community of small business owners.
Redemption Process:
  • Save Kingdom Web Pros' Contact Info Below:  Be sure to save their contact info using the button below, as they may give you a quick call to clarify what specifically you may or may not need to be included in your quote and free demo as every business is uniquely different.  We want you to recognize our call when it comes in. And don't worry, we are NOT pushy!! :)
  • Request Your Demo: Simply fill out the form below to request your free demo with quote comparable to Mr. Ed's package, and we will know it came from his website to ensure he gets credit.
  • Upfront Payment for Activation: This offer requires your website purchase to be paid in full upfront.

Together, we grow - your success is our goal!
Terms & Conditions:
  • Not valid in conjunction with other offers.
  • Applicable only for new website purchases.
  • Mr. Ed Weaver's cash back is subject to your full upfront payment.

Valid 4/3/2024 - 5/3/2024
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Name:  Gary Caudill
Company:  Kingdom Web Pros
Phone:  (762) 250-4570
EMAIL:  gary@kingdomwebpros.com
Website:   https://www.kingdomwebpros.com
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